Alliance 4-6 July 2003

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It was a rather last minute decision that saw me jetting off to the annual Taylorcraft Fly-in and Old-Timers Reunion at Alliance, Ohio, the home of most of our old 'planes.

Jetting westwards...

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...I arrived at Akron Canton regional airport, where Jon Timlin collected me.
Fairly shortly after arriving at Barber field, Forrest drove up on one of his many toys
to ensure that new guests were properly welcomed.

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Mike Mertinooke was one of the early arrivals, here chatting with Jon Timlin.

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Bruce Bixler & Larry Tillery (LKT) pose for a shot.

 Bruce&LKT.jpg (50996 bytes)

...and here's Larry with his plane, N95901

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Dave Nuss also arrives in NC26512

DaveNuss1.jpg (58327 bytes)

By the close of play on Friday, the field was beginning to look like a fly-in...

 GeneralView1.jpg (67831 bytes)

...but the weather had different ideas, preventing many from coming.  A minor twister here heads directly for Fred & Barb Johnson's trailer.

twister.jpg (50406 bytes)

The E2 was on display

e21.jpg (53119 bytes)

...including exposed valve gear on its 40 horse engine...

 e22.jpg (93335 bytes)

...and external ASI

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Several times, shelter was sought against the rain (& occasional sun).  Here, Paul Nuss on the left chats with Jon Timlin

e23.jpg (71713 bytes)

Friday, further arrivals including David Bloomberg in 96552.
Note Jim Brock's N4417B in the background...Dorothy's old ship.

DavidBloomberg1.jpg (80191 bytes)

The view from above at times was idyllic

GeneralViewBarberField.jpg (75071 bytes)

Dave Nuss had kindly offered to lend me his plane for the Saturday factory & Town fly-by...

Factory1.jpg (81450 bytes) I sit at Forrest's six for the grand tour.

Factory2.jpg (32241 bytes)  Factory3.jpg (60238 bytes) Factory4.jpg (44245 bytes)

Saturday saw further arrivals, including Richard Boyer in his immaculate 85hp ship, N95791

RichardBoyer3.jpg (98184 bytes)  RichardBoyer4.jpg (52572 bytes)

Note the tiny alternator behind the 85 Continental.

 RichardBoyer5.jpg (95417 bytes)

Throughout the weekend, Dick Huish was showing us the glider project he was restoring...hopefully to airworthy condition.

glider2.jpg (87474 bytes)   glider3.jpg (91088 bytes)  glider4.jpg (89096 bytes)   glider5.jpg (95057 bytes)

...and what it will hopefully look like when complete.

glider1.jpg (50381 bytes)

Larry Tillery catches up on the latest news from the Taylorcraft tribe...

  lkt3.jpg (60392 bytes)

...while I take the opportunity to introduce Barb and Fred Johnson to Jon Timlin.  Both Fred and Jon have been over to England to fly my Taylorcrafts over here.

 BarbFred&Jon.jpg (73302 bytes)

Comparisons are made, views exchanged, experiences shared while avoiding the weather.

  Dscf0134.jpg (91405 bytes)

Fred and Barb had driven over with a large trailer with all the comforts of home, and offered a select few a small bite to eat before we all headed out to watch the 4 July fireworks.
L to R are David Bloomberg, Jon Timlin, Barb with Pratt the dog, Curtis (Richard's flying buddy), Richard Boyer (behind) and Fred on the right.

Fred&BarbTrailer.jpg (95132 bytes)

Thanks to Forrest & Patti for a wonderful weekend.

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