G-BREY Photo Album
1946 BC12D

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Brey1.jpg (16901 bytes)  Brey2.jpg (30981 bytes)
Before restoration started,  Leicester,
October 31, 2001
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BREY28.104.JPG (19948 bytes)    last_flight.jpg (38921 bytes)
Last Flight
brey-previous-paint.1.jpg (28593 bytes) ...and a rather fuzzy image of her in May 1987, only a year before she was repainted in the  red and white we all know.

A selection of views of quarter-scale flying model of G-BREY, exact down to the prop decals!
9 ft wingspan. This model won the UK Scale National Championships in 1997

brey model 4.jpg (21469 bytes)   brey model 3.jpg (37461 bytes) brey model 2.jpg (30509 bytes) brey model 1.jpg (81563 bytes)

For plans, go to http://www.acf.clara.net/phillkent/scale-plans.html

1996 saw 5 Leicester-based aircraft journey to the North Cape of Norway (northernmost point of mainland Europe).   Note wing-tip camera.   BREY completed 52 hours in 10 days of flying, including 11 hours in one day.

Danish_coast.jpg (23139 bytes)
Low level up the
Danish coast.
Skien.jpg (23373 bytes)
Parked at Skien, southern Norway.
Norway8.jpg (23136 bytes)
The eight of us at Bergen, ready for the long trek up the Norwegian coast.
N Norway3.jpg (47498 bytes)
Over the Norwegian Fjords, warmest Arctic coastline in the world.


brey_final_for_hFest.jpg (19367 bytes)
On final approach for Hammerfest (northern-most town in the world), and I know the photo's a bit dark, but My Word, it's 5 minutes before midnight!  Some Alaskan & north Canadian folks may know the feeling!

N Norway1.jpg (33096 bytes)
Approaching the North Cape, the next day.

N Norway2.jpg (52543 bytes)
Over the Finnish Steppes, on the way home.

In 1997, many of the same group of folk and aircraft journeyed down the Mediterranean coast of Spain for the Barcelona Formula 1 Grand Prix...

spanish_coast.jpg (11278 bytes)  spanish_coast1.jpg (10377 bytes)  brey_overolivesjpg.jpg (31333 bytes)

...but in 1998, due to pilot sickness, only G-BREY made it to the south-western most point of Europe, the beautiful Cape St Vincent in Portugal.  John Pitts & I completed 42 hours flying all around the Iberian peninsula and back to England in 6 days.

cape_st_V.jpg (15250 bytes)
Cape St Vincent
brey_gib_straits.jpg (12104 bytes)
The African mainland in sight, we transited the Gibraltar Straight.

For 1999, a return to Sweden was in order to taste again the fabulous reindeer steaks at Erik the Viking's place in Sundsvall.

Norderney.jpg (14340 bytes)
Five Leicester-based aircraft on the island of Norderney, off the north coast of Germany.
Eriks.jpg (25784 bytes)
Enjoying beer at 5 a bottle at Erik's
Oland.jpg (21044 bytes)
Borgland, on the island of Oland, Sweden
sweden2.jpg (20558 bytes)
En route over Sweden...lots of trees and water

Other pics:

brey_doors_off.jpg (23136 bytes)
Ah, those warm English summer days!...
Runway1.jpg (37580 bytes)
...and cold, wet winter days!   Final for R10
Romeo_Lima.jpg (11317 bytes)
BREY's ever-constant companion, Romeo Lima
Brey3.jpg (12766 bytes)
On the way to somewhere!
brey_full_side_view.jpg (29977 bytes)
Over our home field, Leicester...

brey_front_view2.jpg (19502 bytes)
...and again...
brey_tail_view.jpg (25817 bytes)
...and yet again!...
brey6.jpg (23199 bytes)
...and more!
brey_goldfishbowl.jpg (23248 bytes)
Goldfish bowl visibility across the English Channel.  Using ships as horizon reference.
brey_IH.jpg (23339 bytes)
Wingtip camera, wide angle.
brey5.jpg (23143 bytes)
Wider angle, winter's day
brey_front_view_sunset.jpg (14893 bytes)
Camera mounted on struts.

brey_looking_down.jpg (19421 bytes) brey_from_under.jpg (9615 bytes)

andy&sue_tresco.jpg (35224 bytes)
Andy & Sue on Tresco, Scillies.

brey_fly-in.jpg (29306 bytes)
That Fly-in feeling!
brey_vfrontop.jpg (19799 bytes)
VFR on top, Lyons, France

brey_coted'azure.jpg (13865 bytes)
Low-Level VFR route, Cote D'Azure, France

brey_rear_quarter.jpg (24176 bytes)

brey_boat.jpg (22491 bytes)
Flying in formation with a boat, Dartmouth, Cornish coast, 2000

brey7.jpg (26117 bytes)
Tail first landing