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1946 BC12D

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Brih17.JPG (27902 bytes) Brih18.JPG (25714 bytes) Brih19.JPG (26751 bytes) Brih20.JPG (13687 bytes) 18 January 2004
Brih13.JPG (39283 bytes) Brih14.JPG (67790 bytes) Brih15.JPG (67436 bytes) Brih16.JPG (32845 bytes) 7 December 2003
Brih12.JPG (59586 bytes) Brih11.JPG (34237 bytes) February 2003, Andy's first engine run on new C-85 installed.
It started first swing.
Overhaul by Norvic.
brih-first-flight2.jpg (34960 bytes) brih-first-flight3.jpg (22205 bytes) 2 March 2003, India Hotel leaps skywards for her first flight with the new engine.
brih-first-flight4.jpg (51920 bytes) After landing after the first flight, Rob has a big grin!

Brih10.JPG (32529 bytes)

Brih8.JPG (38958 bytes) December 2002.  Andy does a fuel flow check to ensure that the carb can receive 50% above the max fuel flow requirement.   Main wheels 12" off the ground to simulate max angle of climb.
Brih9.JPG (38969 bytes)

Andy caught with his trousers down?  Camp-out at Breighton Andy.jpg (27626 bytes)

Christmas 2001 saw IH and PX tour the Ladybower, Howden dams, where 617 "Dambuster" Squadron practised the low-level bombing which ultimately saw the destruction of the German dams. Ladybower1.jpg (44556 bytes)  Ladybower2.jpg (45142 bytes)  Ladybower3.jpg (56879 bytes)   
....and on 17th May 2003, we experience the fly-by of the BBMF Lancaster at Eyebrook Reservoir, on the 60th Anniversary of the Dams raid.
Eyebrook was another of 617 Squadron's practice lakes.
lancaster1.jpg (23029 bytes)   lancaster2.jpg (24972 bytes)

Sue goes solo, and receives her Taylorcraft t-shirt.  Keyston, August 17th 2002  Dscf0005.jpg (37259 bytes)

Brih2.JPG (26767 bytes)   Brih3.JPG (28172 bytes)   Brih4.JPG (40133 bytes)  Brih5.JPG (29023 bytes) Brih6.JPG (28803 bytes) Brih7.JPG (26948 bytes)