Leicestershire Aero Club       Biplanes at Leicester, 2002-2003

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G-IIIV is a Pitts S1.11B "Super Stinker", 300hp.   First in the UK, only the fifth in the world.

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4biplanes12.jpg (45620 bytes) Rob Millinship's Pitts S1.S, G-FLIK, in formation with Gary in India Victor over the Cardington Airship hangars... 4biplanes13.jpg (28564 bytes) ...and Rob in close formation with Shawn's camera ship.
4biplanes15.jpg (38856 bytes) 4biplanes14.jpg (48897 bytes) An impromptu line up of twelve biplanes at Leicester, EGBG, 13 February 2003
4biplanes18.bjorn.jpg (52895 bytes) 4biplanes19.bjorn.jpg (40961 bytes) 4biplanes20.bjorn.jpg (60539 bytes) Bjorn Jolsund of Norway is also building a Super Stinker bjorn.jolsund@sas.no

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