Unexpectedly getting some Cub time in France 2007

...or how I ended up flying with a Puffin from Lyon to Daventry.

We enjoy a trip to the south of France...with an interesting series of coincidences....

Our annual fly-out this year involved two Taylorcraft and a Cessna 150 intending to fly to Scandinavia and Estonia. The lovely European weather decided otherwise, with horrendous weather forecast for our departure say in lower Scandinavia.

1200 22.jpg (56844 bytes)
( Above: Arrow shows low pressure in Denmark & Sweden)

So we ended up aiming for Corona, Spain.

We crossed the English Channel from the Needles to Cherbourg (80 miles or so) in typical goldfish bowl conditions, so we used the airways-equipped 150 (yes, you read correctly) as the artificial horizon for the two lesser-equipped taildraggers. At times, we elected to fly low-level (250 feet) to maintain a horizon below low cloud.

Dscf4673.reduced.jpg (12254 bytes)

We cleared customs at Cherbourg, enjoying the lunchtime hospitality of Luc & Edith.

Pict0001.reduced.jpg (27652 bytes)
( Above: Cherbourg)

The trip along Utah & Omaha beaches was sobering.

Dscf4703.reduced.jpg (26387 bytes)
( Above: Passing the Mulberry Harbour near Caen)

Dscf4690.reduced.jpg (16208 bytes)
( Above: D-Day landing beaches)

Heading inland & south, with refuelling stops at Alencon & Le Mans, we spent a night at Bergerac.

Pict0075.reduced.jpg (39119 bytes)
( Above: Formation departure at Bergerac)

Our Spanish plans turned into a ball of chalk in Bergerac, again due to the weather, so we headed east in France to Carcassonne, where we had a very pleasant few days.

Lots of little villages here from medieval days were constructed on top of hills for protection.

Dscf4745.reduced.jpg (62403 bytes)
( Above: Bergerac region)

Dscf4781.reduced.jpg (35976 bytes)
( Above: Final at Carcassonne over the Citadel)

What a wonderful place, if a bit over-touristified. Getting fed up with the crowds at the Citadel, we spent a lazy few hours watching the goings-on at the Canal du Midi, including the rather clever wireless-operated locks.

Pict0128.reduced.jpg (47508 bytes)
( Above: Original 1933 lockgates modified to wireless remote control)

Heading further eastbound, we were again failed by the weather in attempting to reach the Millau bridge by a mere 8 miles, so we carried on to the Rhone valley, where warmer & sunnier climes were to be found.

Pict0153.reduced.jpg (34028 bytes)
( Above: A lot of the Rhone is a canal to form hydroelectric head)

Dscf4712.reduced.jpg (44306 bytes)
( Above: Me & buddy John enjoy the sunshine, for once.)

Dscf4730.reduced.jpg (48509 bytes)
( Above: Everywhere in the Rhone valley is geared up for grape production)

Landing at a small strip just south of Lyon, I call a friend who lives there to see if he is available to come out for a beer. He asks if we happen to have a spare pilot among us to ferry a Supercub back to England, one which got stuck there a few weeks beforehand due to weather.

I reluctantly agree (!) and after a few hours, we are all final for Villefranche to collect said Cub.

Dscf4834.reduced.jpg (26323 bytes)
( Above: Villefranche)

Of course, Adrian is on hand to provide breakfast coffee & croissants (thanks, Adrian!) and in short order, a three-ship becomes a four-ship. I get a rare opportunity to see both my Taylorcraft in the air at once.

Dscf4863.reduced.jpg (21778 bytes)
( Above: Early formation flying experience)

After some 7 hours flying in one day (to beat the weather), we arrive home at Leicester...

Dscf4922.reduced.jpg (42000 bytes)
( Above: Home!)

...and I later deliver the Cub to a temporary home at a nearby strip at Daventry from where the owner can collect it at his leisure.

Dscf4926.reduced.jpg (45798 bytes)
( Above: Tucked up safe and sound with a Maule (which is hidden behind))



And the Puffin?

Dscf4901.reduced.jpg (33145 bytes)
He was sitting on the coaming the whole trip, just making sure I did everything just right.

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