Links to other Taylorcraft and interesting aviation sites

Taylorcraft Foundation (USA) and to join the free web forum, register at

Capt Jon's Taylorcraft Hangar especially the British Connection page (check whether your 'plane is on Jon's site!)

Leicestershire Aero Club (our home field)

Bob Gustafson's excellent rebuild log

Harry Fenton's excellent engine site
Good 0-200 engine site
Mattituck engine tips & stuff (still relevant to us little engines)

Taylorcraft scale model plans
FAA Type certificate database
Alaskan weather cams (a lot of them) giving live weather pictures
Alaskan airport photos a place to buy a Tcraft
Canyoneering in Zion
The Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert W Service (thanks, Fred). Visit the Robert W Service website