Fjord flying, Norway 2006

Rob & John in G-BREY pair up with Andy in his Cessna 150 for a jolly up to the Scandinavian fjords.

Photos by: John Pitts, Andy Revill and me.

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Nor06-1.jpg (14594 bytes) Crossing the English Channel to France on the first day, to the Dunkerque beaches.... Nor06-2.jpg (27500 bytes)
Nor06-3.jpg (20179 bytes) ..and along the string of Friesian islands in Holland.
Nor06-5.jpg (46688 bytes) Nor06-7.jpg (51964 bytes) Hugging the rather deserted Danish coast...
Nor06-4.jpg (17959 bytes) ...we launch off from the northern tip of Denmark for the 85-mile crossing to southern Norway in ideal conditions.
Nor06-6.jpg (50501 bytes) Although reasonably populated, this coastline of Norway leaves few options if the donkey quits!
Nor06-8.jpg (77640 bytes) We arrive safely in Bergen for a day of R&R before heading further north.  The locals were amazed that we had timed our arrival to coincide with the only known 3-day spell of good weather that year!
Nor06-9.jpg (32918 bytes) Still in excellent weather, we flew north to Sogndal in the heart of Norway... Nor06-10.jpg (33243 bytes) Nor06-11.jpg (25305 bytes)

The next day saw us take another break, and we took a ferry to the railhead for the Myrdal railhead to view the fjordland from ground level.


Nor06-12.jpg (53085 bytes) We looked in some trepidation at the wires which criss-cross these valleys, surely there solely to catch out unwary aviators?   Even with orange marker balls, they are very difficult to spot from the air.
Nor06-13.jpg (34174 bytes) The low cloud around meant we had chosen a good day to not be flying. Nor06-14.jpg (49929 bytes) Nor06-15.jpg (52555 bytes)  Nor06-21.jpg (30604 bytes)
Nor06-16.jpg (39826 bytes) Onwards and northwards to Sandane... Nor06-17.jpg (38267 bytes) Nor06-18.jpg (48145 bytes)
Nor06-19.jpg (28540 bytes) The whole area is stunning, and for many of the flights we were out of gliding range of suitable land. But we got used to it. Nor06-20.jpg (29065 bytes) Nor06-22.jpg (82146 bytes)


Our southbound return saw us encountering deteriorating weather, necessitating two days of delay while we diverted to Aars in Denmark and Westerstede in Germany.


Nor06-23.jpg (79524 bytes) Waiting for the thunderstorms to clear, we amused ourselves by finding shops with names to tickle our toilet humour...
Nor06-24.jpg (103782 bytes) ...and at Westerstede, we were made to feel very welcome after our diversion to dodge embedded CB's.  The place was immaculate, with manicured lawns and box-hedge gardens surrounding the clubhouse / restaurant.

Nor06-25.jpg (47784 bytes) After another night, we could at last head westbound to Holland, and from Texel, we had a sufficiently good horizon to attempt  the 2-hour North Sea crossing to Norwich, England.
Just oil rigs and ourselves for company.
Nor06-26.jpg (63536 bytes) A small matter of a piss-up at a friend's wedding reception in Norfolk awaited us, before eventually getting home the next day, nine days after setting out.

All in all, a great trip!

Nor06-28.jpg (64176 bytes)

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