Some old material in my archives.

Some of these advertisements appeared in English magazines, some in American. Where is NC39236 now?

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warPicture4-The-Aeroplane-Aug-6-1943.jpg (49202 bytes)
From "The Aeroplane",
Aug 6, 1943

warPicture3-The-Aeroplane-Jun-25-1943.jpg (49096 bytes)
From "The Aeroplane",
June 25, 1944
warPicture2-The-Aeroplane-Apr-6-1945.jpg (58420 bytes)
From "The Aeroplane",
April 6, 1945
warPicture1-The-Aeroplane-Nov-24-1944.jpg (35541 bytes)
From "The Aeroplane",
November 24, 1944
ad2-Aero-Digest-May-1946.jpg (55483 bytes)
From "Aero Digest",
May 1946
ad3-Aero-Digest-June-1946.jpg (72834 bytes)
From "Aero Digest",
June 1946
ad1-Aero-Digest-July-1946.jpg (64177 bytes)
From "Aero Digest",
July 1946
ad4-Aero-Digest-date-unknown.jpg (67693 bytes)
From "Aero Digest",
date unknown

war-ad.jpg (41644 bytes)

A lot of other ads and brochures available from Capt Jon's website

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