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fuel-cap-wing3.jpg (39624 bytes) Two different wing tank caps (from two different aircraft) both show a tiny hole drilled in the back of the copper tube.
The only logic for this is in case the tube gets blocked (say by an insect) then air can still flow into the tank, se preventing the tank crushing, under atmospheric pressure as the fuel level drops.

martin_wire.jpg (21882 bytes) The difference between Taylorcraft wire & Martin wire.  Note the different barb shape.

nail-removal-tool.jpg (38088 bytes) Tool used for removing nails

h-frame-shim.jpg (42570 bytes) One of the four brass shims that provide a bearing surface at the H-frame attachment.  Thickness 0.016" approx.   The two upper shims have a hole that aligns with the lubrication hole in the upper clamp.

door-catch8.interior.JPG (31421 bytes) Detail of door catch.  This is brazed upon assembly.

wheel-tube.jpg (36527 bytes) The cast aluminium tube that goes inside the Shinn wheel assembly.

Tacho-oil-seal1.jpg (39297 bytes) Tacho oil seal housing and replacement seal.

windshield4.jpg (61944 bytes) windshield5.jpg (58808 bytes) Views of installation of windscreen.  New half-made bootcowl in position.

joggle1.jpg (78526 bytes) joggle2.jpg (66203 bytes) Joggles at (on left) front of original bootcowl adjacent to firewall and (at right) below windscreen lower edge.

brake-cable-assembly4.jpg (42033 bytes) brake-cable-assembly2.jpg (70076 bytes) Brake pedal set-up, with dimension details of "bug" clamp.
brake-cable-assembly1.jpg (61680 bytes) Alternative type clamp.   Bolted up with nut & bolt.

brake-back-plate1.jpg (46956 bytes) Old brake back plate (try Skybound for new replacements)
brake-lining1.jpg (56937 bytes) brake-lining2.jpg (43582 bytes) Brake linings
brake-cable-assembly5.jpg (44950 bytes) Brake return spring on lower end of gear.
Axle.jpg (82594 bytes) Axle-Washer.jpg (41775 bytes) Slot on tapered axle for washer which has a location key to prevent rotation.
hubcaps.jpg (62633 bytes) wheel-through-bolts.jpg (55008 bytes) Hubcaps and wheel through-bolt with long castellated nut, showing 1/4 dia screws which are short so that they don't interfere with the cotter pins through the long nut.  Hubcaps are recessed to accept the screw.

seat-frame1.jpg (53563 bytes) seat-frame2.jpg (44025 bytes) seat-frame3.jpg (44183 bytes) seat-frame4.jpg (44513 bytes) Views of harness wire frame below canvas sling.

rudder-cable1.jpg (20580 bytes) elevator-cable-link1.jpg (26138 bytes) Rudder & elevator cable links (note: my rudder cable has no link; the turnbuckle connects directly.

SparkPlugSocket.jpg (26282 bytes) SparkPlugSocket1.jpg (22928 bytes) Spark plug socket with slot for ignition lead.
SparkPlugGauge1.jpg (44724 bytes) Here is the Spark Plug Gauge (for "massive" electrode plugs) that Champion make.  The gauging hole is 1/4" dia.
SparkPlugWorn1.jpg (34335 bytes) SparkPlugWorn2.jpg (36028 bytes) The photo on the left shows a used M41E plug, gapped to the correct 0.016".  On the right is the plug gauge which determines (after correct gapping) whether the plug is serviceable.  If the plug fits through the gap, it is unserviceable.  As you can see, this one has many hours left on it.

RodsThruFuelTank.jpg (81210 bytes) Showing where diagonal rods go through fuselage fuel tank.

hub-device1.jpg (36653 bytes) hub-device2.jpg (42723 bytes) Device for torquing up tapered crankshaft hub.
scott-tailwheel1.jpg (59742 bytes) Scott tailwheel set-up

TrimLubeHole1.jpg (32178 bytes)

TrimLubeHole2.jpg (33445 bytes)

Elevator trim lube hole.  As you can see, this was blocked up (by paint, not fabric; a piece of wire un-blocked it).
The hole is on the top of the left-hand elevator about 1/2" from the horn.
trim_mech2.jpg (45176 bytes)

With trim screw in approximately the neutral position, here are co-ordinates of the trim screw edge from known points...in this picture, the yellow dimension is 2" from the lubrication hole and the red dimension is  1 3/8" from the forward of the front elevator tube.

NewTrimBarrel1.jpg (25511 bytes) NewTrimBarrel2.jpg (34589 bytes) New trim screw, phosphor bronze.  Sleeve is stainless.
Gob-of-grease.jpg (43808 bytes) A gob of grease on a pipe cleaner...for lubing the trim jack screw through a lower inspection hatch.
tailbrace-washers.jpg (84926 bytes) An extract from TOC Newsletter #86 (June 1994) describing the tailbrace wire attachment and the washers required for the correct fit.
I make no apologies to a purported copyright holder; as a Club member, under international law, I inherently own the copyright.

CowlChannel4.jpg (42817 bytes)

CowlChannel5.jpg (43855 bytes)

Views of cowl channels, inverted view... cowl-clip.jpg (41080 bytes) ...and three views of new steel cowl clips.

sternpost-wire.jpg (26361 bytes) sternpost-wire1.jpg (26441 bytes) sternpost-wire2.jpg (27530 bytes) 3 pictures trying to resolve whether all the tubes are inter-connected.  The piece of wire extends 16 feet into the lower longerons.

Rosin.jpg (31944 bytes)

This is the violin rosin used on the trim cable
to give it grip around the trim pulleys.
hinge-pins1.jpg (23526 bytes) Detail of correct aileron and rudder hinge pins

throttle1.jpg (84232 bytes) throttle2.jpg (82874 bytes) throttle3.jpg (31678 bytes) throttle4.jpg (30088 bytes) Views of replacement throttle cable.

hooker1.jpg (46922 bytes) hooker2.jpg (55894 bytes) hooker3.jpg (41045 bytes) 3 pictures detailing Hooker harness

gallon.jpg (57957 bytes)

The difference between a US and Imperial gallon.
workshop1.jpg (46037 bytes) Short of shelf space in the shop?  Use the underside!

windscreen-brace.jpg (3671 bytes)

Windshield brace

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