New Struts
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Dscf5845.jpg (54334 bytes) Ten sets of new struts delivered air freight to London Heathrow.  Excellent packing; it took an hour for two of us to separate the ten boxes.
Dscf5846.reduced.jpg (44835 bytes) Delivering five sets to Jono Holland's farm for further distribution.

Making the new Jury strut brackets:


Dscf5894.jpg (22758 bytes) Assemble the new struts to the aircraft, and note the alignment of the jury struts, and wrap the clamps around to fit.
Note I am using newspaper to prevent damage, and to give a little additional thickness which will be taken up by protective tape on the finished struts.
Dscf5852.jpg (25335 bytes) Finished clamp.

On post-war planes, the old rear strut bracket will fit the new rear struts, but on our pre-war plane, we found that we had to modify the old front strut brackets to make up new rear ones.

Dscf5875.jpg (39898 bytes) Note the rear strut bracket on the pre-war is smaller than those of post-war machines...
Dscf5866.jpg (31599 bytes) Dscf5884.jpg (33065 bytes) ...and modifying the old front bracket to make a new rear one.
Dscf5885.jpg (43052 bytes) Here's the two rear brackets ready to be cut to length and a new 3/16 hole drilled.


Dscf5890.jpg (15553 bytes) Take care removing any adhesive labels, which can tend to take the primer off.
Dscf5853.jpg (29411 bytes) Remove the adjusting screw from the rear struts, and swab out any oil from the deep tube.  Don't forget that on final assemble on the aircraft, some preserving oil will need to be used here to prevent any corrosion inside.
Dscf5902.jpg (40057 bytes) After scuffing the old primer, a full wet coat of two-pack epoxy primer.  If your struts will eventually be white, use an off-white primer...
Dscf5926.jpg (46972 bytes) ...but these are black, so a white primer is fine.


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