G-BREY Nosebowl   (updated October 2004)

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nosebowl_old.jpg (46229 bytes) Original nosebowl nosebowl_new.jpg (34494 bytes) Replacement used nosebowl
nosebowl_old_L.jpg (35635 bytes) nosebowl_old_R.jpg (33465 bytes) nosebowl_old_L1.jpg (54563 bytes) Old nosebowl showing correctly fitting grilles.
nosebowl_new_L.jpg (28864 bytes) nosebowl_new_R.jpg (26682 bytes) nosebowl_new_R1.jpg (43063 bytes) Replacement nosebowl showing same grilles not fitting in apertures.   Dimension across aperture is less than the original nosebowl.

nosebowl_new_oct04.jpg (52395 bytes) The only satisfactory solution is to have a third one made, 16 gauge,  Big money (cheque-book aviation).  I used new grilles from Aircraft Spruce to get the apertures correct.

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