G-BRPX Photo Album
1946 BC12D

This page is dedicated to the memory of Maurice Brett, who died on 6th March 2003 after a long illness.
Maurice found Papa Xray tucked away in the back of a rural English hangar, it not having flown for 20 years, and rebuild her to her present very high standard over a three year period from 1990 to 1993.   It is with pleasure and with thanks to his excellent workmanship that we are honoured with owning and flying such a beautifully restored aircraft.

Bless you, Maurice.

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My wingtip is almost on the canopy of the RV6 camera ship!  Smooth winter air, of course, and the RV6 is being competently flown by Taylorcraft driver Andy Duke.
Photos (c) 2005 Copyright and courtesy Nigel Hitchman (the owner of said RV6!)

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More of the same flight.
Photos (c) 2005 Copyright and courtesy Nigel Hitchman

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Burnham fly-out 25-26 June 2005.
A rare occasion indeed; all six pilots of Papa Xray in one place at one time.

L to R:  Shawn, John, John, Rob, Clare, Simon
(Photo:  Sue Goodman)

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Sunset flying!  January 2005 brpx11.jpg (29268 bytes)
21 November 2004.
Dave Nuss spends a brief visit to Leicester with his wife Mandy.
We got a flight in before darkness descended.
Dave kindly let me fly his immaculate 75hp 1941 Taylorcraft at Alliance.
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Richard Boyer from Texas spends a day at Leicester, 19 July 2003.  Richard kindly let me fly his 85hp immaculate Taylorcraft at Alliance 2003
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Fred Johnson of Kentucky spends a day away from his regular flying duties to enjoy some of the English countryside from a slightly lower level than his normal view!
March 2003....
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...and in April 2003, Fred brings Capt. Dave Bland along for a tour of the Derby Dales.  Here are Dave, Fred and Andy (reserve Taylorcraft pilot) at Gary Ferriman's strip, where we have been inspecting his SuperStinker. fredJrob1.jpg (57039 bytes)

Papa Xray with a slightly larger taildragger!  10 April 2003

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September 2002, Papa Xray joins in a tour of the French Loire region. LOIRE ROUTE.JPG (85897 bytes) The airport at Nevers had an appealing Art Deco Tower.  Note the top wing registration reflected in the tower windows. Loire3.jpg (30778 bytes)
Rob found his pied terre! Loire1.jpg (33146 bytes) John & Michael find the ideal spot to watch an airshow (read:  take forty winks). Loire2.jpg (57929 bytes)
On the way home, we pass through the Somme and near Arras, dip our wings to remember those British soldiers from the Great War who died and have no known grave. The Thiepval memorial is inscribed with over 70,000 names.

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Stately home visit, October 2002, landed on the front lawn! Malverley5.jpg (66557 bytes)  Malverley6.jpg (57846 bytes)  Malverley4.jpg (54510 bytes) 

Steve Green from Denver visits the UK and gets a trip in Papa Xray.  16 August 2002 stevegreen3.jpg (41804 bytes)  stevegreen5.jpg (30585 bytes)

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How we replaced our wing tank

Gear leg cracks - a very near serious failure

Rib Repair