Who we are

new_anim1.gif (416 bytes) UPDATED June 2008 G-BOLB arrives
Now we have 33% of the non-USA Taylorcraft fleet at one airfield!
(trying for 50%...who's game?)

We are a group of Taylorcraft enthusiasts based at Leicester who aim to promote the flying, maintenance and contininued success of the Taylorcraft series of aircraft within the UK.

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Our Aeroplanes:
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4 of our 6 Taylorcraft at Leicester...

4t3.jpg (36319 bytes)

...and three of them parked on Keyston farm strip

3t.jpg (44261 bytes)

  BC12D  (23 March 1946) S/No 7299
(ex-NC43640) - completed a ground-up rebuild 2006.
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Owned by Rob Lees, John Pitts and John Heard

  BC12D (30 March 1946) S/No 7364 (ex-NC43762)

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brih-first-flight3.jpg (22205 bytes)

1945 BC12D S/No 6462 (ex-NC39208)

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Brpx1.jpg (28377 bytes)

Owned by Clare & Ray

1989 F22 (ex-N221UK)

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  1946 BC12D S/No 9284 (ex-NC96984)

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Dscf5232.reduced.jpg (84977 bytes)

  1941 BC12-65 S/No 3165 (ex-NC36211)
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Owned by Chris Tudor

  BC12D (6 March 1946) S/No 7204 (ex-NC43545)

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